AIO Series Multi-Function All-in-one Dehydrating Systems

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IKE AIO-600 and AIO-1600 series is our new multi-function all-in-one dehydrating system, specially designed and manufactured for today’s customers. They are the most convenient all-in-one drying machine that has the highest capacity. Made with stainless steel and can be equipped with plastic, stainless steel, or customized drying racks. The machines are ready to use once connected to a power outlet. If your application requirements may not be met by our type AIO-600 or AIO-1500 series dehydrating system, IKE will be all too glad to offer guidance, design, and manufacture of a customized drying system.

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IKE AIO series drying systems are versatile all-in-one food drying equipment. It is usually used with stainless steel carts. It can dry many types of foods separately or even together without the worry of mixed fragrance. The AIO series drying system has been fitted with a ramp to facilitate the entry and exit of the carts. The smart color-touch-screen controller developed by IKE makes it easy to set and monitor the temperature and humidity in the drying system. The whole drying process does not require people to flip the food, which saves labor. The dried food retains its original color odor and fragrance and keeps its nutrition to the maximum extent.

IKE also has embedded food dehydrators in several sizes. After constructing an insulated drying room, push the dehydrator into the drying room, and simply connect the power cord to work normally. You can use your own drying house or buy a suitable IKE drying room. Just contact us!



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