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IKE AIO-300, AIO-600, AIO-1500, and AIO-2400 series is our new multi-function all-in-one dehydrating system, specially designed and manufactured for today’s customers.

They are the most convenient all-in-one drying machine that has the highest capacity. Made with stainless steel and can be equipped with plastic, stainless steel, or customized drying racks. The machines are ready to use once connected to a power outlet.

If your application requirements may not be met by our type IKE AIO-300, AIO-600, AIO-1500, or AIO-2400 series dehydrating system, IKE will be all too glad to offer guidance, design, and manufacture of a customized drying system such as the Automatic Industrial Conveyor Belt Dryer For Food Processing

NOTE: We only stock some of the WRH-100 series in Auckland, all others are intent-order which allows us to give you our best offer.

Contact us for a free test for your product! or contact us for a quote for a suitable IKE dehydrator for your needs.


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