Multi Purpose Fruit & Vegetables Squeezer

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It comes from a tomato squeezer, but is much more:  thanks to its special worm and to its range of filters, Easysqueezy can process countless fruits and vegetables into juices, nectars, purées, and much more, it can even mince meat with the optional mincer attachment.

Not just juices, nectars and purées, but much more:  See the attached videos for some ideas





Tomato sauce, the essence of Italian tradition

For over a century, Tre Spade has been manufacturing machines for transforming tomatoes into sauce, one of the main ingredients in the most famous traditional Italian recipes, such as pasta dishes and pizzas.

And so Tre Spade itself has become part of Italian culinary tradition. When the tomato squeezer is extracted from its box, in which it has been carefully stored for a year then washed, assembled and placed on the table ready for use, it’s always the start of a party, the beginning of a family and community ritual that is the yearly preparation of tomato sauce! It doesn’t matter whether the tomatoes are from the family garden or bought in, which exact variety of tomato is used, whether the recipe demands that the tomatoes are boiled or sieved raw or whether the sauce should be seasoned or left pure.

The satisfaction of having prepared and conserved your tomato sauce on your own is plenty enough to make all your efforts worthwhile.

From the tomato squeezer to the multi-purpose squeezer: here’s Easysqueezy!

Today Tre Spade presents the evolution of its famous tomato squeezer. Thanks to the new worm and range of stainless steel filters with different-sized holes, the tomato squeezer has been transformed into Easysqueezy, a new machine for pressing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.

The acetal resin worm is resistant to any element, even acid, present in food to be processed and rotates at 160 rpm, guaranteeing an excellent hourly output but avoiding the heating of food.

The four available filters with different hole diameters allow you to vary product consistency according to food type and personal taste.

During the design and definition of its technical characteristics, we tested a wide range of food and, depending on the filter used, we also obtained very different results from the same food such as juices, nectars, and purées.

In addition, food containing limited amounts of water, such as celery and ginger, can hardly be squeezed satisfactorily. In these cases, if you want to use them anyway, we suggest to combine them in a mix of other food containing a high water content, such as apples and strawberries.

As well as helping the press work more efficiently, you’ll also end up with some great combinations. Trying cutting the different foods into small pieces and mixing them together before introducing them into your Easysqueezy.

  • Tinned cast iron body
  • Worm in food-grade acetal resin
  • Hopper and tray in stainless steel
  • Four filters with different holes dimensions
  • Splash guard
  • Brush for easy cleaning of processing residues
  • 300W (0,40 HP) asynchronous single-phase induction motor
  • certified for continuous use, equipped with stainless steel cover
  • Size: n° 3
  • Worm revolution: 160 rpm
  • Weight: 9 Kg
  • Dimensions: 33x53x23 cm (L x W x H)
  • Quick disassembling for an easy and fast cleaning
  • Available option: Meat mincing body

A practical guide containing suggestions, proposals, and recipes for purées, nectars, and juices is provided along with the machine.

See the attached recipe videos by Riccardo Carnevali


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