RAPT Fermentation Chamber

$24.00$1,499.00 inc. GST

RAPT Wifi Compatible

The RAPT Temperature Controlled Fermentation Chamber will connect with the https://app.rapt.io/ portal. This portal will enable you to monitor, control, and log past temperatures and also show a future projection of temperature profiles that you might have running.

It is the ideal chamber for UCFM meats, for fermentation and drying of salami, hams, pancetta, coppa, hams, etc.

Many homemade products can greatly be improved with perfect temperature control.  The Rapt Temperature Controlled Fermentation Chamber gives you an electrically efficient means of setting, monitoring, and controlling temperature which is perfect for Beer Making, Wine Making,  Leavening bread, fermenting yogurt, kombucha, germinating seeds, growing sprouts, kimchi, sauerkraut, olives, cheese, making spirit washes.  Accurate temp control is the key to getting reliable and repeatable results.

It can also be used as a wine fridge with optional bottle shelves.

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