Tre Spade

Tre Spade

Quality in what we create is the main objective of our work. Even more: it is a true, little obsession of ours.

Taking care of every detail is the only way we know how to work because experience has taught us that, at the end of the day, things done well are those that remain. The beautiful thing is that we are not alone in this daily search for quality.

We have our constantly updated and renewed production machines, which allow us to cling to technological evolution. We have software and calculation instruments, without which we could not be as quick or precise. We have our sales network, in constant contact with this rapidly changing market. But, above all, we have our customers. And it’s thanks to them, their opinions, and the trust they have always placed in us, that we can improve our products and learn to travel new roads, day after day. With commitment and imagination.

We stock a very small range of Tre-Spade products for retail sales. We also offer Air freight intent orders at no extra cost for equipment over $1,750.00 excluding GST,  7 to 10-day delivery from order.

Interested in stocking some items?  For wholesale inquiries please contact us.

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