Attibassi & Meseta ESE Pods

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Attibassi & Meseta Espresso Pods are easy to use, Italiano pods are the perfect method of obtaining a very smooth and delicious espresso. Each pod is individually packed in a hermetically-sealed environment and guarantees a long-lasting crema, the perfect blend of colour and taste every time.

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As far as pod coverings are concerned, the materials used need to be of the highest quality. Coffee percolation, i.e. the method used to extract coffee from pods or capsules, is a very aggressive process and requires the use of filters designed to withstand high temperatures.

In fact, during extraction, water passes through the powder at a temperature of 90°C, and it is therefore important to use vegetable paper filters that will not deteriorate or leave residues in the extract.

The positive aspect of this process lies in the disposal of used pods, which can be disposed of easily in organic waste bins since they basically consist of vegetable paper and coffee grounds. This means that they are completely eco-sustainable, unlike capsule components that have to be separated by consumers. However, this problem can be solved by using biodegradable capsules, i.e. special capsules that are also made of completely eco-sustainable materials.

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