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Attibassi & Meseta ESE Pods

One of the most appreciated aspects of ESE pods is that they are fully interchangeable and have a universal format. In fact, the acronym “ESE” stands for Easy Serving Espresso, an open system that was created to establish standard sizes for defining a common format for manufacturers.

What does it mean in practical terms? This means that, regardless of which coffee machine you choose to purchase, you will be able to enjoy an excellent espresso with the Attibassi coffee pods, without having to worry about buying a compatible machine, as in the case of coffee capsules.

Attibassi & Meseta Espresso Pods are easy to use, Italiano pods are the perfect method of obtaining a very smooth and delicious espresso. Each pod is individually packed in a hermetically-sealed environment and guarantees a long lasting crema, the perfect blend of colour and taste every time.

$7.00 NZ wide shipping for Attibassi 18 Presentation box,  all others are Free shipping