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The gas Rotor Wind ovens come configured as a half-height unit with integrated prover for smaller bakeries and in a single and double rack configuration. They come available in long/narrow versions and wide/shallow designs and with different tray sizes. The Rotor Wind series is a powerful convection oven with a rotating trolley (hook system) for rapid loading and unloading and are designed for high-production bakeries and pastry shops. Available with the traditional electromechanical control panel or in the version with a touch panel (optional). The electromechanical controls are robust and carry out all necessary oven functions with simplicity. The ventilation system ensures even heat distribution in every batch thanks to the rotation of the product during cooking. The heat exchanger is made of special steel and achieves remarkable efficiency with significant energy savings

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A warm roundabout for bread, cakes, and pastries

Rotor Wind is a convection oven with a revolving trolley rack for rapid loading and unloading, designed for bakeries and pastry shops with high production rates.  Available with a traditional electromechanical control panel or with a touch screen (optional), powered by either gas or electricity.

The good reasons for making Rotor Wind your convection oven

Ventilated even heat distribution thanks to the rotation of the product during cooking guarantees excellent quality with every batch.

You decide how to optimize the baking of each product. The Rotor Wind oven can bake not only all kinds of bread and baked goods but also large-leavened products such as panettone and colomba.

  • High production rate
  • Convection cooking
  • Removable trolley racks for greater practicality
  • Wide range to choose from

More than just convection ovens!

The Rotor Wind range offers the option of combining each oven with its own proofing chamber. The proofing chambers allow you to leave the rising products in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity, guaranteeing perfect leavening. Once the products have risen, the entire trolley rack can be moved inside the oven for baking.

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