RÖMERTOPF® Jubilee Edition

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The 50 years – RÖMERTOPF®   jubilee edition

The jubilee edition for 6-8 persons or 6,0 kg meat.
Designed in traditional roman style, with wide dimensioned lid for easy and safe handling. With embossed design “50 years”

Size cm ca 38.5×28,5×10.0 litre 5.0 l

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Series JUBILEE, the range celebrating 50 years best, international and healthy cooking tradition made by RÖMERTOPF®

The very valuable “Jubilee Clay Baker” is displaying the brand name RÖMERTOPF® and has been strictly designed and decorated in a Roman style. The embossed design with year date and wreath of honor gives the impression of a special exclusivity.

Curved side handles complete the new look while maintaining the well-known Römertopf performance. The Römertopf revives old cooking traditions while at the same time possessing a number of thoroughly modern advantages. This ideal roaster is unlike most cookware because of its natural high-quality clay from Germany, which will help retain vitamins and minerals in your dishes. Cooking in Römertopf® not only save nutrients but save time as well, as the baker will not need your attention while it cooks your meal to perfection. This German made Römertopf® comes with an all natural glass frit glazed bottom (not a non-stick coating) which will allow for easy and quick clean up. The unglazed top has very fine pores to absorb water and when put in the oven will create a gentle layer of steam to develop inside the Römertopf® for succulent and juicy results. Dishwasher, microwave oven, and oven safe. Hand-crafted in Germany.

Contains no lead or cadmium.

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