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RÖMERTOPF made in Germany celebrates its 50. birthday and looks proudly back to 50 years of “ideas for natural cooking” which has ever been the slogan of the brand. 

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How Romertopf’s are manufactured

It was many years ago – during the end of the sixties – that RÖMERTOPF® was first introduced at the trade fair in Hannover. It was, by far, the new discovery in the kitchen utensil market. This new cooking method – by steaming foodstuffs and allowing it to braise in it’s own juices, became the perfect example for healthy nutrition.

According to Schopenhauer, health is not everything, but everything is nothing without it. To this important piece of philosophy of life, we would like to add that, in all probability, the most important contribution to a healthy way of living, is the right nutrition.

Over 25 million pots have been produced over the years which has given many people the experience the easy and healthy way of preparing meals.

RÖMERTOPF® is a classic, and lies at the cutting edge of contemporary trends to suit modern living.

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results