Nik Schmitt Salt-glazed Rumpots

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Real German pottery, salt glazed – as at Grandma’s time !!!

Beautiful hand-crafted and hand-painted rum pots with handle, in typical blue-gray salt-glaze or multi-colored – depending on the motif.

The rum pots are high-quality made of genuine salt-glazed stoneware!

Salt glaze

Until a few decades ago, blue-grey stoneware pots were still widely in use. Salt-glazed stoneware was used and highly valued mainly for its excellent acid resistance which made it ideal for the preservation of food. How the method for production of salt-glaze pottery was discovered is not quite clear today. The first salt-glazed stoneware pots appeared on the markets in different parts of Germany, particularly in the Rhineland, around the 15th century.

The company Nik Schmitt & Son wants to continue the tradition of salt-glazed stoneware products for the storage of highly acidic foods into our time. Nik Schmitt is one of the few providers offering this traditional product to its clients. We look forward to your purchase! It is great to know that event today there are people who appreciate traditional and natural methods of food preparation.

Other Salt glazed products in several sizes and forms, available on special order: Brottöofe (bread pots) Karoffeltopf (potato pots) Zwiebeltopf und Knoblauchtopf (onion and garlic pots) Traditional wine cups & Jugs,





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