Hakka electric sausage fillers

$1,125.00$1,440.00 inc. GST

Hakka Electic mincers

  • Based on the established performance of the Hakka manual stuffer
  • Effortless fill casings with both hands-free
  • These electric sausage stuffers will give you near the performance of a hydraulic stuffer costing >$5,000.00 for a 15L model
  • Variable speed that you can control from slow to fast
  • Durable Construction-Type 201 stainless steel sides and a removable type stainless steel tilt out canister ensure long-lasting durability as well as quick and simple cleaning
    • Multiple Tube Attachments-Included with this stuffer is 12mm, 19mm”, 25mm, and 38mm stainless steel funnels





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