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The special Pasta selection of Casa Attibassi

The special Pasta selection of Casa Attibassi is still today produced using traditional preparation methods which require considerable time and dedication. The result is a pasta with an old time flavour: echoing the taste, aroma and cosistency of home made pasta. Made by the third generation of a century-old tradition of pasta craftsmanship.

STONE MILLED: According time-honoured true Mediterranean tradition, respecting the integrity of the content in vitamins and unsaturated fat of the wheat germ

ARTISANAL PROCESSING: Slow techniques, slow doughs, with manual kneading, spreading, cutting and shaping, extruded through bronze and a gently natural drying process in static cells.

Stockist/Retail enquiries: please contact us.
  Minimum order Cartons of 10, 12 & 30 packages.

Casa Attibassi selects the very best Italian gastronomic specialities:  traditional products of the highest quality… the kind of quality you could never find in a supermarket. The Casa Attibassi range can only be purchased in the best gastronomic specialist shops, or online.

Cassa Attibassi also produces typical Italian products (olive oil, truffles, sauces …) of very high quality, not available in Supermarkets.

Price range: « Accessible luxury »