Multi-functional High-speed Disintegrators

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Stainless Steel High-speed Multifunction Swing Mill Grinder Disintegrator Pulveriser

NOTE:  We stock the 300g, 500g, and 1000g machines, all other sizes are on indent order with our regular Hakka orders






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  • High Power & High-Speed Machine Capacities: From 100g to 2500g, Powder Fineness: 70 – 300 Mesh. Indispensable not only for home, but they are ideal to test powder your IKE dehydrated produce, before investing in a high-output grinder.
  • Superfine Power Mill Except extremely hard material takes 2-3min to grind, normal grains only need 30s to be ground into 70 to 300 mesh superfine power. ☆The working principle is to pulverize the material into powder through the high-speed rotation of the blades. The whole process is carried out in the closed grinding bin, which will generate heat and cause the machine to heat up. So It is normal for the grinding machine to be slightly heated.
  • Wide-range Usage The grinder can deal with various dried materials, including grains (soy, corn, barley, rice, wheat, oats, rye, peas, mung beans, coffee beans), spices (star anise, fennel, pepper, cinnamon, rosemary) herbs (ginseng, astragalus, medlar gelatin, gastrodia, Shijie, Ganoderma lucidum) vegetable, fruit, berry powders
  • USE TIPS 1. The materials ready for grinding must be dry enough. 3. Rest the machine for 5-10 minutes after every 5 minutes of operation. 4. Do not put the material over 2/3 of the grinding bin.

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