Hakka Spiral Dough / Food Mixers

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HTD** series are rising head liftable design.  DN** are fixed head design.

Hakka has professional dough mixers that can take 100kg of flour at one time...


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These machines are Perfect for soft dough such as bread & pizza

We stock the 5L which is ideal for the home backer. (unless out of stock, then pre order)

All other sizes are imported on-demand at the best possible price includes GST and shipping directly from Hakka Brothers to Auckland, with our regular Hakka orders, (we normally have a new shipment every 3 months)  But they can be individually shipped directly to your location, contact us for a quote.

When producing a consistently high-quality dough is a priority, spiral mixers tend to be the best option, they are best suited for kitchens and bakers that most often create artisan breads, bagels, and pizza.  A planetary mixer is ideal when versatility of use and robust kneading are desired.

Two-speed, double-acting, stainless steel bowl & guard; Powerful motor, Heavy duty! With cooling fan, durability, and packed for easy maintenance Synchronous-belt&Gear driven Transmission Construction, Low Noise Reliable, durable, and consistent performance; Minimum downtime with positive drive under heavy loads;

Emergency stop switch; Guard safe switch. (When the Guard is not in the position, the machine stops.) Safty control switch; CE certification, Warranty is 12 months.


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