Salami Casings Hukki 450 mm Schnürnetz Fettender

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HUKKI VE Hitch Fatends (Schnürnetz Fettender)  CAL 55 65 x 450 mm C&L

Air-dried HUKKI – intestines there is a new adhesive impregnation since 2012. In addition to the various easy-peel coatings supplemented from now the new version liability, the range offers interesting possibilities.

HUKKI Salami Casings are used in the production of dry sausage like smoked, air-dried or salami with mould. The combination of textile tube and fine collagen film produces high strength and good elasticity. The permeable sausage casing cuts down the drying time. Water-vapour and smoke permeate easily.

HUKKI offer numerous advantages in the production of mould-ripened salami. Especially the light ease of peeling the sausage casings

Traditional Fettenden (fatends) – Optics
• The alternative to natural gut.
• The use of completely new textile fabric allows produce a fat end without seams.
• This gives a very natural look.
• The sausage in the upper region has a caliber 65 is a length of 45 cm, and reaches the thin lower region 55 has a caliber
• High flexibility and strength of the sausage casing are granted.
• A thin collagen coating ensures excellent ripening properties.

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