Refrigerated floor meat mincer

$13,680.00$23,000.00 inc. GST

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C/E800 R

Maximum productivity and hygiene. The best service to the client. For supermarkets, hypermarkets, meat processing laboratories, communities, industries

  • Casing in stainless steel, brake wheels floor standing
  • 32/98 external head for mass production in stainless steel, easily disassembling:
    Enterprise: 1 plate and one self-sharpening knife in stainless steel
    Unger S5: ø 98, 3 plates, 2 self-sharpening knives and two rings
  • Grinder unit easy to remove for easy rapid cleaning
  • Motor with reverse
  • Standard equipment: kit for connecting Patty former or foot pedal (not included)
  • The mincer can be equipped either with a back (standard ), flat cm 63x93x12,5 or sideways lifted cm 84,5×92,5×11-25 hopper
  • Air cooled Window, head and hopper

Refrigeration  The refrigeration system allows process the meat without interrupting the cold chain. The development of bacterial flora is stopped. Minced meat presents unaltered the taste, color and nutritional characteristics for a longer time. The mincer can be used intermittently without removing its head for cleaning it or store it in the fridge every time.

  • Hermetic and silent compressor
  • Electronic thermostat with an efficient  temperature management
  • Optimal running temperature 1°C
  • R134A Refrigerant gas with null environmental impact
  • Chilled hopper on 5 sides

Cutting Systems: Enterprise, (nr. 1 stainless steel plate, nr. 1 stainless steel knife) Unger S5 (nr. 3 stainless steel plates, nr. 2 stainless steel knives)






  • Casing in stainless steel, brake wheels floor standing.
  • stainless steel removable feed pan.
  • stainless steel Barrel, worm, locking ring.
  • Enterprise: 1 plate and 1 self-sharpening knife in stainless steel, 1 extractor.
  • Start, stop and reverse with N.V.R. device.
  • Standard equipment: kit for connecting Patty former or foot pedal (not included)
  • Refrigerated version: cooled barrel and hopper..




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