Hukki Honeycomb “La Granata”

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Hukki Honeycomb  75 x 250 mm C&L

This is the diameter and length of Hukki Honeycomb used to make the commercial “La Granata” mold ripened Salami in Europe (pictured) also on the Hukki catalogue  (page 36/37)

If the mold is required, use Bactoferm Mold 600 (25 grams for 10 litres of water) or Bactoferm Mold 800 (50 grams for 50 litres)  download the instructions from the Bactoferm products, For a hobby user we suggest to halve or quarter the Mold 600 (use 5 or 1.5 litres if water) and refreeze the rest for another time. Mold 800 is more designed for commercial use (50 litres of water will dip or spray >5000 salamis)


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