High Temperature Sous Vide Bags 25cm x 35cm

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Sous Vide embossed vacuum bags are the “key” to allow non-professional cookers to experience the sous vide cooking at home: as they are suitable for external bag vacuum machines (like Takaje and T-43 PRO)

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All our vacuum bags (both for preservation and sous-vide cooking) are conceived and manufactured by using plastics suitable for aliments (there’s a logo engraved on the bottom, soldered edge indicating this) The preservation bags are suitable for most sous vide cooking up to 90°C

Our high temperature bags for sous vide cooking are made in a material resisting to a long plunging in the water at low temperatures (40° – 120°C) and for a long time (>60 hours) and, mainly, that prevents to release any toxic substance in the water and/or in the food during the of the cooking process.

Our Tre-Spade bags are 100% manufactured in Italy and the film to produce them is made by German raw material.


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