Hakka’s “Green Life” Auto Orange Juicers

$1,590.00$5,200.00 inc. GST

These “Green Life” Orange Juicing Machines from Hakka Brothers are made up of stainless steel case, transparent plastic mask, food-grade pressing elements, automatic feeding, have the advantages of corrosion resistance, compact structure, and easy cleaning.

The “Green Life” machines can produce fresh and delicious orange or pomegranate juice in several seconds and are ideal in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, entertainment

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We are discontinuing the Austrian “CitroCasa” orange juicers,  they are well-made machines, but unfortunately are very expensive, and we now sell  “Green Life” Orange Juicing Machines from Hakka Brothers, with indent orders only with our regular Hakka orders, but if needed urgently we can import them with DHL at additional cost. contact us for a quote.

 listen to the  Radio New Zealand OJ podcast


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