Hakka Horizontal Bowl Cutters

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Horizontal Electric Bowl Cutters

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Designed and made by Hakka, they will cut meat, vegetables, and fruit for filling quickly. These machines are compact in construction, have good tooling, are easy to operate, and have high efficiency.  All contact areas with food are made with stainless steel and conform to hygiene standards

The bowl cutter is the commonly used meat chopping equipment designed to produce small or very small (“finely comminuted”) lean meat and fat particles. Bowl cutters consist of a horizontally revolving bowl and a set of curved knives rotating vertically on a horizontal axle at high speeds of up to 5,000 rpm. Many types and sizes exist with bowl volumes ranging from 5 to 2000 liters.

NOTE: We only stock the TQ5, TQ5A  and TQ8A  all others are intent orders with our regular Hakka orders, for pick-up or heavy freight ex Auckland.

The TQ8/A, QS620B,  QS630, and QS650 can be ordered to ship directly to your location, (not with our regular Hakka orders) contact us for a quote.


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