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Attibassi Crema d’Oro is a balanced blend that combines Arabica beans from Brazil – with a sweet and intense taste – and Arabica beans from Central America and Ethiopia, with floral and aromatic notes

Meseta Supercrema this full-bodied, dark roasted blend stands out for its flavour with chocolate notes. The high percentage of African Robusta beans gives this blend its bold, strong flavour. The distinctive feature of this creamy coffee is its smooth taste.

Attibassi premium capsules offer many advantages, for various reasons. First of all, they are fully compatible with Nespresso coffee machines and with those that are most commonly used worldwide: this allows the owners of these coffee machines to use Attibassi capsules at any time, without experiencing any problems since they perfectly “adhere” to the machine mechanisms.

Attibassi has designed the Espresso Italiano pods to meet the most popular customer preferences. Thanks to the use of carefully selected materials and premium coffee blends, the Attibassi coffee pods offer the best solution to extract a perfect espresso at all times.

The Meseta Classico Pod contains the classic bar blend. It’s made from the skilful combination of prized Robusta beans from India, Africa, and the Far East and the best Arabica grown in the plateaus of Brazil. The result is a deliciously round coffee.

Meseta Intenso pod is for those who love a really creamy coffee with a strong taste. The high percentage of African Robusta beans gives a bold, Meseta Intense, whereas the dark roast enhances the chocolate aroma, making this an unmistakable blend




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