Chr. Hansen Bactoferm meat starter cultures

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Chr. Hansen’s meat starter cultures is based on the demand for uniform food products and a high level of food safety. Our cultures will eliminate the influence of the uncontrollable native flora and provide the requested food quality—from batch to batch.

Safe solutions for fermented meats Raw, fermented sausages, such as Italian salami, Spanish chorizo, German salami, French saucisson sec, and so many more, all come out of the ancient technology of salting, curing, fermenting and drying to create a shelf-stable meat product. Nowadays, the cornerstone is no longer a matter of praying to higher powers or hoping for magical mercy from the endogenous “spoilage” bacteria. Today, the beneficial and attractive cultures are purified and produced under hygienic conditions to provide the desired acidification, flavor and color—

Modern route to delicious jamon and prosciutto Dried, cured meats, such as Jamon Serrano and Prosciutto di Parma (based on whole muscles) or dried sausages, such as the Spanish fuet or chorizo sarta, (based on the ancient technologies of salting, curing, and drying), rely on chemical and slow-aging processes and endogenous enzyme activity to create delicious meat products. every time!

  • BACTOFERM® T-SPX—is a mixed meat culture for traditional production of fermented meat products at temperatures between 18-24°C. The culture gives a mild acidification and ensures a good flavor and color development.
  • BACTOFERM® Mold 600—is a meat culture which produces a white/light grayish appearance on the surface of molded dried sausages, and a well pronounced mushroom flavor and aroma, with a good ability to control the surface flora and suppress the growth of undesirable organisms such as indigenous molds, yeasts and bacteria.
  • BACTOFERM® F-SC-111—is a very suitable where rapid acidification and rapid development of a mild aroma and nice and stable color produced sausages.!
  • BACTOFERM® BFL-F02—is well suited for all fermented sausages with a short production time.
  • SAFEPRO® B-LC-007—is a combination culture having fast acidification, an attractive “Southern” flavor profile, and control against Listeria monocytogenes
  • SAFEPRO® B-2—is a single strain meat culture for cooked or cured meat products, it is able to suppress growth of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria such as indigenous lactic acid bacteria and Listeria monocytogenes

NOTE: SafePro B-2 is widely used  for Chronic Sinusitis (where regular medication does not seem to work)  For a worldwide shipping quote  “Contact us” with your shipping details.



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