Arredo Inox

Arredo Inox

In 2004, a specialized project aimed at purveyors of meat, the Research and Development Team at ARREDO INOX patented a space sensitive cabinet that was able to season meats. It was an overnight success, the excessive demand for the product allowed the Team to rework the design and produce a full line of equipment to meet the requirements of small and large scale retailers and wholesalers.

By 2006, at the Verona International Exhibition for the Meat Industry (a trade show that occurs every three years), ARREDO INOX was acknowledged as a national pioneer for developing a unique product not seen before.

Stagionello, MaturMeat and Cheese units are available in:
Showcase glass cabinets from 60 kg to 200 kg: Walk In Units 400Kg, 800Kg & 1200Kg:
Big Room systems can be tailor made to suit your every need.

Salami 100kg

2000 years in the making, Stagionello® is here to help you produce your own brand of Traditional Italian Salumi, every month of the year.

STAGIONELLO® is the only patented and guaranteed plug-in S/S & glass cabinet, technologically revolutionizing the field of traditional food transformation. It reproduces the ideal climate for the curing of salami.



Dry Aging into prime quality Easily, Safely, Guaranteed

Maturmeat® is suitable for DRY-AGEING of every type of animal species. In order to produce constantly the best quality dry-aged meat, the Maturmeat® automatically regulates the temperature, the air speed and humidity creating the ideal conditions for the activation of the natural meat enzymes to break down protein and connective tissues of the meat, conferring to it’s tenderness allowing moisture to evaporate from the muscle creating a greater concentration of meat flavor and taste conferring it’s succulence.



Create optimum conditions for drying & aging cheese

In making great cheese the Ideal climate is going to depend very much on the type of cheese being made

DRYING CHEESE By finely tuning the different parameters of temperature, humidity, air velocity, and stage time, it is possible to obtain the desired degree of consistency and determine the thickness of the rind.

SEASONING CHEESE Thanks to our unique temperature and humidity regulation system, you have more control over microbiological and biochemical taking place during ripening. The ideal conditions for curd maturation are
met, until the desired texture, body, and flavour are developed.



SALUBRINO® Advanced Chef Device

SALUBRINO® is the ideal partner for the creative chef_ for those who want to combine tradition and technological innovation to create healthy original dishes of the highest quality, thanks to the easy to use pre-set programs for recipes now everyone can acquire skills and become top-class chefs specialized in innovative “traditional” recipes.



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