Traditional food conservation, processing


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… The revolutionary multi-functional appliance, specially designed for traditional methods of food preserving and processing….



SALUBRINO® requires little space in your kitchen, it does the job of 10 machines in one compact unit. You can now widen the range of products you create and sell. An exceptional breakthrough in design engineering realized. This multi-functional patent is specifically designed for traditional methods of food conservation and processing. It is a MUST for the new generation of highly creative chefs, with the desire to combine tradition and technological innovation, to create healthy original dishes of the highest quality.

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Ease of use and simplicity, this is MultiClima® No experience required, select your prouct type, select your process, and Go MultiClima® is a revolutionary, programmable system for automatic management and control of each individual production stage. It constantly analyzes production data and relays it back to you immediately. With a wide range of applications in many food industries, this complex system helps to maintain the quality and wholesomeness of the food you need to produce. MultiClima® has a 3.2” full touch screen interface. The icons representing the foods and techniques with color graphics make it intuitive and user-friendly. MultiClima® has a serial port output for connection to a PC, or a specialized direct connect printer, enabling printouts of technical data. The graphical interface of the large LCD display contains easy to use icons and messages, allowing you to visualize and interact with each transformation stage: DRYING – FLAVORING – SALTING – MARINATING – SEASONING – HUMIDIFYING SMOKING – FREEZING – DEFROSTING – HEATING – COOLING – PRESERVING Constantly displaying and monitoring the most fundamental factors: TIME – TEMPERATURE – HUMIDITY – PH


SALUBRINO® is your new best friend… it has 90 preset recipes that allow you to preserve and transform food and to create recipes for: Meat, Fish, Salami, Pasta, Vegetables, Legumes, Mushrooms, Fruits, Chocolate, Ice cream, Desserts, Dough’s, etc. Marinate: Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Game Dry: Tomato, Beef (jerky), Various Fruits and Vegetables Preserve: Chocolate, Pastries, Meats and Fish Smoke/Flavour: Salmon, Brisket Ferment: Cheese, Sauerkraut Germinate: Mushrooms, Soy beans Defrost: Pre-packaged Goods Leaven: Bread, Dough And so much more…


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