Organic Tasty Risottos

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our Tasty Organic Risottos

Cascina Belvedere risottos are made with traditional recipes, dosing high quality dehydrated vegetables with our best rice, Carnaroli. We obtain a delicious and healthy dish, easy and quick to be prepared.

Cascina Belvedere risottos are natural products, additive and preservative free and without the addition of monosode glutamate. They are packed in transparent bags to show the richness and quality of the content. The controlled atmosphere guarantees an always fresh product.

250 gm &  3-4 Serves per risotto


Sautè content with 1 tbsp butter or olive oil in a heavy saucepan over medium-high heat. Add 1/3 cup dry white wine to taste. Add boiling water (650/750 ml). Stir and cook for 15/17 minutes. Remove from the heat and add grated parmesan cheese and butter and salt to taste.


Pour the content of the bag in a microwavable bowl with 620 ml cold water and cook for 15 minutes, 660 w. Stir in a little butter and parmesan cheese and salt to taste.


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