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Salami Casings Hukki Plain 40 x 250 mm

HUKKI V PLAIN CAL 40 x 250 mm T&L 

Air-dried HUKKI – intestines there is a new adhesive impregnation since 2012. In addition to the various easy-peel coatings supplemented from now the new version liability, the range offers interesting possibilities.

HUKKI  Salami Casings are used in the production of dry sausage like smoked, airdried or salami with mould. The combination of textile tube and fine collagen film produces high strength and good elasticity. The permeable sausage casing cuts down the drying time. Watervapour and smoke permeate easily.

HUKKI casings offer numerous advantages in the production of mould-ripened salami. Especially the light ease of peeling the sausage casings