Food Grade Cooking Thermometer and Timer

TThis is an ideal all round thermometer for use in food cooking. This unit meets the ANZFA(FSANZ) requirements for accuracy and is made from food grade materials.he measuring range is -50 C up to +300 C. So it suits all refrigeration and cooking applications. The probe is connected to the display unit by a strong 1 meter lead encased in stainless braid. The stainless probe lead is suitable for use in ovens during cooking and can easily pass through the door seals on ovens. This unit has an inbuilt alarm function with a beeper, to alert you when the food is cooked. An inbuilt cooking timer can be used to monitor the Cooking or Cool down times to comply with the food standards. The probe is plug in and easily replaceable if damaged. The bottom display is dedicated to the timer so both can work independently.