Tre-Spade Compact Electric Meat Mincer

Tre-Spade Compact Electric Meat Mincer / Grinder

• Tinned cast iron body, auger, and retaining ring
• Moplen hopper
• 220-240 Volt – 50 Hz single-phase asynchronous induction motor
• Easily disassembled for quick and easy cleaning
• 6 mm Stainless steel plate and blade
• Optional tomato squeezer body and plates from 4.5 to 16 mm

• Weight: 10,0 kg
• Dimensions: 43x20x32 cm
• Motor power: 300 W
• Worm revolutions per minute: 160 r.p.m.
• Base made of anti-slip alveolate material

As used by Clarissa Dickson Wright……..”I bought that little beauty at the Pickering Game Fair….it is brilliant….i would recommend it to anyone !”


It will mince with ease Pork, Game, Lamb, Beef or Venison. It will mince 10 kg of meat in approximately 10 minutes. Made in Italy by Trespade of Torino it is a quality piece of machinery that is well engineered & built to be a sturdy little work-horse !


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