Automatic hamburger forming machines

C/E653 R   Automatic patty former; 2100 cycles/hour

Fast, noiseless, safe and reliable, compact easy to clean. These patty former models are the ideal equipment for butchers, super and hypermarkets, food processors, fast food, canteens and catering centers.
Fed with mince, they can automatically produce either patty or balls of the desired weight as it can be adjusted thanks to the forming cylinder. Various ingredients such as beef, chicken, fish can be processed in combination with grated bread, eggs, cheese, soy and spices. Even biscuits dough can be easily shaped. The pre-established weight of patties and balls is constant throughout the whole working cycle; very important issue for food processors, packaging plant and catering centers where product quantity per each portion must be as accurate as possible; one of the most valuable aspect.

Different shapes can be obtained just changing the forming cylinder: square, oval, customized according to customer needs.

The C/E 653 R model are fitted with a refrigerated hopper support to keep the cold chain unaltered and reduce bacterial proliferation. the product shellife is better guaranteed.

The refrigeration offers concrete advantages in customer servicing:

  • hygienic processing
  • waste savings
  • efficiency
  • machine always ready for use.