100% Italian Extra Virgin Oil

100% Italian Extra Virgin Oil is a superior category extra virgin olive oil, produced exclusively via mechanical processes and obtained directly from olives grown and processed in the regions of Puglia, Sicily and Calabria.

The final product presents and intensely fresh and fruity aroma and a balanced taste with a strong yet velvety personality, pleasantly spicy and bitter.

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inimum order cartons of 6 bottles.

Casa Attibassi selects the very best Italian gastronomic specialities:  traditional products of the highest quality… the kind of quality you could never find in a supermarket. The Casa Attibassi range can only be purchased in the best gastronomic specialist shops, or online.

Cassa Attibassi also produces typical Italian products (pasta, olive oil, truffles, sauces …) of very high quality, not available in Supermarkets.

Price range: « Accessible luxury »