Dry Aging

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Dry Aged Meat – MaturMeat Cabinets

For dry aged meat Maturmeat® is a new revolutionary patent designed for reproducing the ideal climate conditions for aging meat, obtaining tender and tasty dry aged meat. It is the only patented unit specialized in managing, controlling and checking the following parameters: Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation and pH. These are fundamental to the natural activation of proteolytic enzymes transferring tenderness and taste.

In only 11 days Maturmeat® produces tasty, tender and safe dry aged beef. During the process the meat can be sliced without interrupting transformation or contaminating the product. During all production stages the revolutionary “Sicur food control®” system analyses the acidity (pH) within the meat, giving continuous feedback on its quality while respecting the most strict food safety standards.

MaturMeat® has pre-programmed recipes for Beef, Game, Venison, Pork, Horse and you have the ability to customize these and program your own recipe for other animal or birds.

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