Coltellerie Sanelli S.p.A. knifeworks were founded in 1864 in Premana, a village set in the mountains near the lake of Como, famed for its bladed tool manufactures.

The Premana collection has been specially produced and selected to assist those working with these type of tools on a daily basis. The convex shape of the blade edge guarantees an efficient support when the user has to exert considerable force. The edge is not subject to chipping.

Their precision cutting has given Sanelli knives reputation for quality and are used throughout Italy’s top restaurants and butcher shops they are a favourite for many of Italy’s top chefs as well as chefs throughout central Europe.

Sanelli knife handles have an exclusive ergonomic design, specially created as the result of studies carried out at the Milan Polytectic – Ergonomics of Posture and Movement department, and tested by computerized experimental tests.


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Premana Professional Line – Ham Knife 24 cm

Semi-rigid knife, for small and medium-sized salami and cold cuts. (e.g. salami, pork, sausage, bacon)