Meseta products cover all espresso coffee business areas with blends characterised by an exclusive composition and specific roasting process, which enhances the natural properties of the coffee species used.

What sets Meseta coffee apart is, first and foremost, its high unfailing quality, obtained through the careful selection of raw materials, and a sophisticated production process electronically controlled in every phase.

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SOAVE nespresso compatible capsules

Meseta Premium SOAVE 100% Arabica nespresso compatible capsules

A blend of particularly smooth and aromatic 100% Arabica beans. This prized variety gives the coffee its typical fruity and floral aroma. The special roasting procedure enhances its mild taste and sweet aroma. Intensity: 6.

The capsules are packaged in a bag with modified atmosphere, containing 10 loose capsules, unlike most compatible capsule with an “open” bottom, the click-capsule is almost completely sealed, and this results in a longer life (up to 4 weeks) once the bag is opened.

NOTE: price ranges apply also to purchase of different blends. For example, if you buy 6 cartons of mixed blends (any of the 9 Meseta blends) you will pay the best price (0,45 cents per capsule) on all of them.

JUST SELECT THE QUANTITY OF ANY BLEND e.g. 200, 400 then specify your choice on checkout

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