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The Minerva Omega Group s.r.l. was set up in 2012 after merging two leading Italian and global companies in the design and production of meat and other food processing machines and systems: La Minerva di Chiodini Mario, of Bologna, and Omega Ceg, of Varese.

To distribute its products around the world, and provide effective technical support and exclusive consultancy, La Minerva has created a large sales and service organisation

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Meat processing machines

Designing meat processing machines calls for skills, experience and an ability to make equipment that can guarantee safety for operators, constant and lasting functionality, maximum hygiene, easy cleaning, as well as support and spare parts guaranteed over time in order to protect the customer’s investment.
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Food processing machines

Clean, peel, chop, grate and slice. Simple day-to-day operations, repeated all day in restaurant kitchens or large and small refectories, supermarkets and hypermarkets, and in the food processing industry in general.

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Food packaging machines

New habits and regulations call for food handling systems that guarantee hygiene and controlled preservation between production and distribution to the consumer.

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Meat balls forming line

Meat balls forming line C/E MBF

Connected in line to a hamburger forming machine (which produces cylindrically-shaped portions), this machine changes them into spherical formats (meatballs). For ready meals, refectories, communities, food processing centres, small scale industries, etc.
• Stainless steel structure.
• Outfeed conveyor belt, the height of which can be adjusted, can be removed for cleaning (it receives the meatballs and places them on a counter or other equipment for the subsequent processing cycles).
• The roller and counter-roller units (halfmoon-shaped) can be removed without tools for the cleaning and size changeover operations.
• On request: Speed variator, Vaporizer for white meat or particularly sticky mixtures. Different meatball formats can be provided as well as systems for connecting to other brands of hamburger forming machines (subject to approval by our Technical Dept.)